Jorge D. Abad, PhD



  • PhD in Civil Engineering.University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA 2008
  • MSc in Civil Engineering. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. 2002
  • BSc in Civil Engineering. Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Peru. 1997

Research areas

Sediment transport, Mechanics of environmental fluids, Fluvial geomorphology, CFD(Computational fluid dynamics), Ecohydraulics


  • Author of 3 book chapters, more than 30 publications in international journals and more than 65 conference abstracts.
  • Winner of the Lorenz Straub prize, for producing the best doctoral thesis in 2008 in the USA, in the area of Hydraulics and related branches.
  • Extensive experience in geomorphology research and sediment transport, specialization in Amazonian rivers.
  • Study of Earth processes and environmental flows through the combination of experimental, theoretical, numerical and field studies in different types of basic and applied research projects.
  • Constant collaboration with non-governmental institutions in order to transfer knowledge to communities.

Relevant publications

  • Konsoer, K., Rhoads, K., Best, J. L., Langendoen, E., Abad, J. D. , Parsons, D. R. & Garcia, M. H. (2016). “Three-dimensional flow structure and bed morphology in large elongate meander loops with different outer bank roughness characteristics”. Water Resources Research, 52 (12), 9621-9641.
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  • Konsoer, K., Rhoads, K., Best, J. L., Langendoend, E., Ursic, M., Abad, J. D. & Garcia, M. H. (2016). “Spatial variability in floopdplain resistance to erosion on a large meandering, mixed bedrock-alluvial river”. Geomorphology, 252, 80-97.
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