About us

The Water Research and Technology Center (CITA, in spanish) is born from the concept of promoting, developing and communicating the research carried out in our country, with respect to the priority resource: water. The CITA seeks to become the axis and producer of information based on the study of water, under different social and environmental perspectives. Based on this, the center reinforces its capabilities through constant communication and academic collaboration with academic and research entities. Its capacities include the development of studies in research areas such as Mechanics of environmental fluids, Hydraulics and Sediment Transport, Geomorphology, Geographic Information Systems, Hydrology and Hydroclimatology, Biodiversity and Aquatic Ecosystems, Hydrochemistry, Ecohydrology and Ecosystem Management, Hydrogeology, Treatment wastewater, and also its relationship with the technological progress that responds to current needs and education, a fundamental aspect for decision making.